Beckham calls upon MLS to ditch salary cap

David Beckham has shared his thoughts on why he wants the MLS salary cap to be done away with.

The former LA Galaxy and England captain says that the league would attract more high profile players if the current limits were done away with. Currently, the salaries in the MS are restricted to $3.1m, although three players per team can be paid more than the maximum of $387,000 without affecting the cap too much.

However, Beckham, who is in the final stages of launching an expansion team based in Miami, has stated his case for eliminating the current restrictions. Speaking to beIN Sports, he said:


“We’re restricted with some of the players that you can pay over the wage cap,

“The salary cap removal is what we’ll work for, we’ll work towards that. Obviously that’s one of the things that stops a lot of players coming over here, where I think this league and certain cities in this country will attract big-name players.”


This begs the question of who Beckham would like to sign. Despite a flurry of speculation, the 38-year-old has remained tight-lipped, saying:


“I’m not going to mention any players, because it’s disrespectful to the players and the teams, but we want to bring big players — we have to.”


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