Beckham’s Miami stadium plans shot down

On the eve of the World Cup, the city of Miami has refused to grant permission to construct a stadium along the city’s waterfront.

The plan was to build it next to a high profile basketball arena, but the site was deemed as “inappropriate”.

Beckham, 39, announced his intention to launch a Major League Soccer (MLS) team in the city following his retirement from the game, and has been seen there frequently as he attempts to hammer out details.

It’s a blow to his business group, Beckham Miami United, as a stadium deal needs to be approved before the MLS can approve a new club.

The deal was scrutinised as public funding was used to build a new baseball stadium for the Miami Marlins, and the resulting public disapproval is said to have led to the former Miami-

Dade County mayor being ousted from office. The plans also drew criticism from cruise line companies.

Beckham’s business partners, who include British entrepreneur Simon Fuller, have agreed to provide the cash to build a $250m, 20,000-seat stadium and pay rent on the public land it sits on.



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