Platini plans winter World Cup

President of UEFA, Michel Platini, has said that the 2022 World Cup tournament in Qatar must be played in winter.

This puts the legendary French soccer player in an opposing position relative to

some of Europe’s biggest leagues, which are pushing for a May tournament.

Speaking to the BBC, he said:

“It will never be in April, May or June. It will be winter.”

He also hinted at the possibility of the closing stages of that year’s Champions League cup could be moved to June to accommodate this, and that clubs would have to respect whatever decision UEFA comes to. He added:

“It’s not the clubs that are playing, it’s the players and it’s not possible to play in May when it’s 40 degrees.”

Several leagues, including the Bundesliga, La Liga and the English Premier League agree that a May World Cup would cause the least disruption to games.

A taskforce has recently been set up to look into the matter, and will present its findings to Fifa executives in March.

Fifa president Sepp Blatter has already stated that the tournament will not clash with the Winter Olympics, so the race is on to reach a consensus.

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